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VersaPay Create an Agreement

Create an agreement

VersaPay View Received Agreements

View received agreements

VersaPay View Sent Agreements

View sent agreements

VersaPay Approve an Agreement

Approve an agreement

VersaPay Cancel an Agreement

Cancel an agreement

VersaPay Reject an Agreement

Reject a *pending* agreement by supplying an agreement's *token* attribute and providing a *rejection_reason*

VersaPay Revoke an Agreement

Revoke an *approved* agreement for your account by supplying an agreement's token attribute

VersaPay Open and Closed Disputes

Open and closed disputes since watermark, limited to 100 disputes at a time

VersaPay Payments made in ARC

Payments made to your supplier account from your customers since watermark, limited to 100 payment amounts at a time

VersaPay View Your Fund Sources

View your fund sources

VersaPay View Completed Batches

View only recent completed import batches

VersaPay Create and Update Customer

Create a customer in ARC using the following attributes (at minimum by providing values for required attributes)

VersaPay View In-Progress & Completed Batches

View recent in-progress and completed import batches

VersaPay View Batch Details

View batch details

VersaPay Create and Update Invoice

Create and update invoices in ARC

VersaPay Create a Payment

Create and update external payment records in ARC

VersaPay Import a CSV File

When uploading a CSV-formatted file it’s helpful to use your language/framework tooling to simplify the [multipart/form-data](https://www

VersaPay View In-Progress Batches

View only recent in-progress import batches

VersaPay View Transactions

View transactions

VersaPay Create Transactions

Create transactions

VersaPay Approve a Transaction

Approve a `new` or `wait_for_request_approval` transaction

VersaPay Cancel a Transaction

Cancel a `new`, `wait_for_request_approval` or `wait_for_bank_account_verification` transaction you created

VersaPay View a Transaction

View a transaction

VersaPay Debit Agreement Hosted Checkout

Clients, customers, or donors, for instance, can initiate a pre-authorized debit agreement by clicking a link on your website or in an email

VersaPay Single Payment Hosted Checkout

Clients, customers, or donors, for instance, can send your organization money directly from their bank account or credit card simply by clicking a link which displays a page with your account name allowing your customer to make a payment to you for the specified dollar amount:

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