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VersaPay Create an Agreement

Create an agreement.

VersaPay View Received Agreements

View received agreements.

VersaPay View Sent Agreements

View sent agreements.

VersaPay Approve an Agreement

Approve an agreement.

VersaPay Cancel an Agreement

Cancel an agreement.

VersaPay Reject an Agreement

Reject a *pending* agreement by supplying an agreement's *token* attribute and providing a *rejection_reason*.

VersaPay Revoke an Agreement

Revoke an *approved* agreement for your account by supplying an agreement's token attribute. The agreement's creator will no longer be able to debit your account using this agreement.

VersaPay Open and Closed Disputes

Open and closed disputes since watermark, limited to 100 disputes at a time.

VersaPay Payments made in ARC

Payments made to your supplier account from your customers since watermark, limited to 100 payment amounts at a time.

A consumer should store the last `id` value of each response and include it as the watermark parameter for a subsequent ca...

VersaPay View Your Fund Sources

View your fund sources.

VersaPay View In-Progress & Completed Batches

View recent in-progress and completed import batches.

VersaPay Import a CSV File

When uploading a CSV-formatted file it???s helpful to use your language/framework tooling to simplify the [multipart/form-data]( file upload. ### Size Limit The file cannot exceed 25MB. ### Layouts Please conta...

VersaPay View Completed Batches

View only recent completed import batches.

VersaPay Create and Update Customer

Create a customer in ARC using the following attributes (at minimum by providing values for required attributes). If providing an identifier for an existing customer, its information is updated.

*Note: Any additional non-standard attribute...

VersaPay View Batch Details

View batch details.

VersaPay Create and Update Invoice

Create and update invoices in ARC. If the invoice already exists when a request is processed, it will be updated.

The set of attributes to send in the request body may vary based on the account configuration. Please contact the implementat...

VersaPay Create a Payment

Create and update external payment records in ARC.

The set of attributes to send in the request body may vary based on the account configuration. Please contact the implementation specialist for more information.

The request schema ...

VersaPay View In-Progress Batches

View only recent in-progress import batches.

VersaPay View Transactions

View transactions.

VersaPay Create Transactions

Create transactions.

VersaPay View a Transaction

View a transaction.

VersaPay Approve a Transaction

Approve a `new` or `wait_for_request_approval` transaction.
An API key with administrative access is required to approve a transaction.

VersaPay Cancel a Transaction

Cancel a `new`, `wait_for_request_approval` or `wait_for_bank_account_verification` transaction you created. Transactions cannot be cancelled after they have been sent to the bank and are `in_progress`.
An API key with administrative access is...

VersaPay Debit Agreement Hosted Checkout

Clients, customers, or donors, for instance, can initiate a pre-authorized debit agreement by clicking a link on your website or in an email.

VersaPay Single Payment Hosted Checkout

Clients, customers, or donors, for instance, can send your organization money directly from their bank account or credit card simply by clicking a link which displays a page with your account name allowing your customer to make a payment to you fo...

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